Manuscripts acceptance and rejection policy

Several manuscript revisions may be necessary before Journal editors decide on manuscript acceptance or rejection. The editor in chief can decide on a manuscript acceptance on the basis of at least two positive reviews. In rare instances the Journal editors may decide to accept or reject manuscripts that don’t follow reviewer’s recommendations. In the case of a manuscript acceptance or rejection the author will receive an explanation letter from the Journal editors.

The criteria for acceptance are:

  • Valid research question and hypothesis;
  • Correct methodology including study design, data collection and analysis;
  • Sufficiently referenced and grounded in existing literature;
  • Editorial and ethical policies were adhered to;
  • Clear presentation and adequate language level.

Accepted manuscripts will be published in upcoming issue.

The criteria for rejection vary among the following:

  • The manuscript contains fundamental errors that cannot be rectified through author revisions;
  • There are serious concerns about ethical issues in the manuscript that cannot be rectified through author revisions;
  • The authors are unwilling or unable to address the concerns and recommendations sufficiently to make the manuscript suitable for publication;
  • For manuscripts that have been rejected the author may ask the Journal’s editorial board for reconsideration. If the author resubmits the rejected manuscript without a reconsideration letter to the Journal’s editorial board, the submission will be considered invalid.