For Autors

Instructions for Authors

Articles must be sent in Bulgarian and English language. The articles are reviewed by independent specialists in the relevant scientific field. Articles that have received a positive review are allowed for publication. Suggested items are not edited.

The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the content of the published materials, citations and spelling. The authors are sent a copy of the magazine. The materials may be send by using the form for submission.

Requirements for the publications: volume of material for the publication – up to 27 000 signs, B5 pages in a file for MS WORD; fields on each side of the sheet 2 cm font Times New Roman; spacing 1.5, the text should be justified, the size 12 font, indentation of first line 1 cm. Do not leave blank lines between the paragraphs.

Recommended structure of the publication:

Title – centered in capital letters, bold, in Bulgarian and English (for authors from abroad – in English).

Name and surname of the author – bold, centered. Do not mention the scientific title or degree, name and address of the institution.

The parts of the publication should be named – bold (Summary, Keywords, Introduction, …. References)

Short summary (Abstract) – up 250 words, justified. Includes the main accents in the content of the material – a clearly formulated research problem, objectives, methods, results and original contributions and conclusions. The abstract is presented in Bulgarian and English.

Keywords – to 8-10 words in Bulgarian and English.

The recommended structure of the publication (depending on the nature of the content) you should include: introduction, methodology of the study, analysis of results, conclusion.

Tables should be placed centered in the text and numbered (Table 1. – Right justified, bold) and named (centered, bold) top. It is desirable that the tables should also be presented separately from the main text in an additional file (in addition to the main text of the material).

Images. Images (figures, photos, drawings, charts, charts, diagrammes, graphs, etc.) should be saved as a separate, individual file, not as part of the text file. File formats can be JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EPS. Files should be named with the name of the image. The figures and their inscriptions (under the figure, centered, bold) should be numbered with Arabic numerals in the order in which they are quoted in the text. The location of these figures in the text should be indicated – Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and so on.

References should be indicated in brackets at the end of a sentence stating the surname of the author, year of publication of the source page – eg. (Petrov, 2009: p. 43). Where reference are not precise quotes, page may not be stated.

At the end of the publication a bibliographic description of the sources used and quoted in the main text is presented. Presentation of literary sources in the list of literature takes place in APA style (see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association):

Contacts: After literature list, the following should be included – academic rank, degree, affiliation of the author, address, е-mail … Contacts information should be presented in Bulgarian and English.