Rumyana Neminska, Research of academic teaching practices for the application of research training  (Empirical research)

· Yearbook 2019

Research of academic teaching practices for the application of research training

 (Empirical research)

Rumyana Ilcheva Neminska


Abstract: The article presents part of an ongoing study to examine the level of application of research training in an academic setting. This paper focuses on the empirical data and the results from a survey of university professors from the Faculty of Education at Trakia University. It deals with the problem in two areas: scientific-theoretical and reflexive-empirical. The scientific and theoretical part reflects on the relation between the quality of training and research training. The reflexive-empirical part outlines the results and summaries of the study. The survey used to conduct the survey examines areas such as reflection and self-reflection in teaching.

Keywords: research training, methodology, higher education [in Bulgarian]


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Author Info: Rumyana Ilcheva Neminska, PhD

Trakia University – Stara Zagora

Faculty of Education


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